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There Are Several Choices and Uses for Respiratory Equipment

Patients with lung diseases including COPD, asthma and a number of other ailments benefit from a variety of respiratory equipment and devices that carry medication to their lungs and help improve respiratory function.

Meter Dose Inhalers (MDI)

A meter dose inhaler, or MDI, is one of the cheapest and most convenient respiratory devices to use that can be delivered right to your door. They are small and easy to use, delivering a minimal amount of medication that can help open up the throat if inhaled and restore respiratory functions. To use a meter dose inhaler, you simply inhale and then hold for a few seconds before exhaling.


Spacers are also commonly used by those who suffer from lung disease and other breathing issues. Spacers are available in a number of different variations, the most common one being the Aero chamber. It is basically a long tube that is used with the MDI as a mouthpiece. It tells a person how much of any medication to inhale and has a whistle to let the person inhaling know when it is okay to stop. In a time of panic it can be difficult knowing when to breathe and inhale, but with a spacer you'll have the proper timing and won't have to worry about performing the steps right during stressful times.


You'll also need a compressor as a contingency plan when using meter dose inhalers. A Compressor is a backup nebulizer and typically should only be used if the MDI has failed. Any patient who has had chronic breathing problems and needed something stronger than an MDI should be familiar with a compressor. They can put out 8 to 11 liters per minute and are used as mouth pieces much like the MDI is. There are larger ones available but in most cases are not necessary.


Nebulizers are also available and typically those who suffer chronic respiratory ailments like asthma will have one of their own. They are used to deliver medication regularly and with a larger concentration of whatever drug is prescribed. Ultimately, getting oxygen in your system and flowing is your end goal and a nebulizer will be a straight to the point approach that delivers medicine deep into your respiratory system with each inhalation. Nebulizers can be used with the other equipment as well and offers great results.

Oxygen Therapy Devices

Patients that have access to near-continuous oxygen have shown a substantial improvement in their neuro-psychological function. Oxygen therapy devices are available in both stationary, for in-home use and portable options, for use outside of the home.

With today's latest innovative technology, respiratory equipment is advancing and becoming easier for patients to use as well as more convenient to access. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it's crucial that the patient and/or family members to be shown how to properly use any respiratory equipment to ensure that the patient gets the most out of their medication and improves their condition. Peace of mind is very important when it comes to those who suffer from respiratory problems so it's important to be prepared.

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