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Learn How You Can Control Your Asthma Effectively

If you suffer from asthma but want to live a full life, there are certain fundamental truths about the condition that you should learn more about. With the proper education and application of knowledge, you can deal with your condition effectively and efficiently. The following paragraphs of this article detail five such fundamentals.

You know that you should stop smoking or hopefully not start or start back up. But do you know why? Of course you are already aware that smoking causes cancer over time, but do you know what specific impact it has on an asthma sufferer? The effects are two-fold in nature. Most immediately, when you smoke, you are drawing in air that is full of smoke and not oxygen. An asthma attack is your body having difficulty getting oxygen, so deliberately skipping out on oxygen is only begging for an attack. In the longer term, smoking introduces thousands of chemical compounds and tar into your respiratory system, gunking things up and making it harder for you to breathe. This raises your chances of future attacks quite significantly. Quit now, not to avoid cancer, but just so you can keep breathing.

Medication is essential when you have asthma. Most every sufferer is prescribed an emergency inhaler with a compound within it. This compound relaxes tension within constricted air passages inside your body during an asthma attack. It is good to get in the habit of making sure you always carry your inhaler with you, but it is great to read the service schedule and maintenance directions. In as much as you would hate to forget to keep your spare tire inflated and find it flat when you need it on a dark night, you do not want to reach for your inhaler during an attack and discover it is not working.

As much as you should have your inhaler checked routinely for function, you also need to have your inhaler technique also checked for form. It is a good idea to just do this every time you see one of your doctors or medical team. People sometimes learn good posture as children but slouch later in life, and you can get equally casual in your inhaler use. Make sure your doctor is checking you out often so you stay on your toes about doing this right.

Something else your doctor may introduce you to in addition to your inhaler is a peak flow meter. You use this device to measure the air flow in and out of your lungs. Once programmed or set with your personal maximum rate, it can give you sudden readings measured in green, yellow and red. Green means you are largely okay, but yellow means you need to take your emergency medicine and red means both medicine and summoning medical help.

There is a long list of known asthma triggers. Not all of them will always apply to you, but you need to probably memorize the list. Absolutely avoid the situations that you know trigger your attacks, and be careful around known triggers that afflict others, as they could hit you too one day. Mindful attention and lifestyle changes can go a long way to preventing asthma attacks.

As was mentioned in the introduction, just being informed and educated on ways you can manage your asthma goes a long way towards keeping an active and happy life. Make sure that you keep all these ideas in mind, and you can be on your way to living a content life, even with asthma.

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